Over 60 Years Helping Brockton & Neighboring Communities with Tax Preparation Services

Practical Tax Prep You Can Count On. At Lincoln Tax Services, the practical tax advice we offer goes beyond just number crunching. We take the time to understand each client’s needs first, then tailor common-sense solutions to their situation backed by our expertise.

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As experienced tax professionals based in Brockton, MA, Lincoln Tax Service offers reliable tax preparation services to the entire local community as well as serving all of Massachusetts.
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Tax Preparation You Can Count On

Whether you reside in Brockton, Stoughton, Whitman, Abington, or Avon or nearby, we have the expertise regarding Massachusetts tax codes and laws to save you money.

With over six decades of experience helping Massachusetts residents navigate and file their taxes properly, Lincoln Tax Service emphasizes customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique financial situation. Our personable approach makes tax time less stressful for both individuals and business owners in the area.


Comprehensive Tax Preparation

Personal Tax

Let our experienced tax reps take the frustration out of personal tax filing. We'll ensure you receive every deduction you qualify for so you get the biggest possible refund. Accurate knowledge of constantly changing tax codes is vital - trust our decades of tax expertise to save you money this filing season.

Small Business

Running a business comes with complex tax obligations. Our licensed tax experts are here to assess your current tax practices and propose customized solutions to legally minimize your tax liability. We stay on top of the latest IRS rules and regulations to make sure your business remains audit-proof into the future.

Estate & Trust

Navigating the complexities of estate and trust tax returns requires a skilled hand, and at Lincoln Tax Service, we specialize in precisely that. Whether you're an executor managing an estate or overseeing a trust, our expert team is here to ensure thorough and accurate tax filings. Trust us to handle all the intricate details.

Corporate Tax

While our primary focus is on personal income tax preparation, at Lincoln Tax Service, we also consider corporations and partnerships on a case-by-case basis. Our personalized approach ensures that each business client receives the tailored attention and expertise necessary to address their unique tax needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment?

When preparing for your tax appointment, it's essential to gather key documents and information to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Having these items ready helps Lincoln Tax Service accurately assess your situation and maximizes your potential refunds or minimize liabilities.

What special deductions can I get if I'm self-employed?

For 2023, consider an immediate Section 179 expense deduction of up to $1,160,000 ($1,080,000 in 2022) for business equipment, bypassing multi-year write-offs. The phaseout limit is $2,890,000 in 2023 ($2,700,000 in 2022). Self-employed individuals can deduct 100% of health insurance premiums and establish a Keogh, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA plan, deducting contributions.

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During a initial meeting, our tax professionals will review your current financial and tax situation, assess any issues for optimization, and provide tailored strategies to save you money. Discover upfront how our years of tax expertise can benefit you through our concise consultations. Contact us today to experience working with tax prep experts you can actually count on year after year.


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"Have had my taxes done by the Lincoln family every year since 1978. They are the best at what they do!"
Mark Almy
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"They were the best, we had our taxes done last year for the first time with Lincoln Tax Services and they are very welcoming, friendly, and professional will definitely go back this year."
Cheri Sawlit
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